Principal's Greeting

My name is Ilka Oberst, and I am the principal of Liberty Elementary. We are home of the Liberty Superstars, located at 2021 St. Mary's Avenue.

What a pleasure to have you visit our Website and learn more about our school and community.


Liberty has approximately 700 students in the following grades. Note that 2 classrooms at each grade level, K-6 are part of Liberty's Dual Language Program; one English side and one Spanish side classroom. Students spend half of their day in each language.

Head Start (2 classrooms)
PK (2 classrooms)
K (5 classrooms)
Gr. 1 (5 classrooms)
Gr. 2 (5 classrooms)
Gr. 3 (5 classrooms)
Gr. 4 (4 classrooms)
Gr. 5 (5 classrooms)
Gr. 6 (4 classrooms)

We are situated at the edge of our wonderful downtown and enjoy the many advantages of our location. This location provides many opportunities to learn about city government, art, and architecture, and to attend local performances. We are within walking distance to many of our partners, which include the Omaha Children's Museum, the Rose Theater, the YMCA, Joslyn Art Museum, and the Fire Station. Our other partners include One World Health Clinic, Creighton University, UNO, Gallup, Kutak Rock, St. Vincent dePaul Society, Completely Kids, Urban Abbey and the Omaha Hilton.

Liberty has a rigorous academic program which focuses on Reading and Math. Our school-wide goal is in writing. This emphasis has given our students voice and produced great writing for Poetry Café.  Liberty has an inclusive model for instruction. Resource, Title I and ESL teachers work with students in a collaborative setting increasing participation and performance in regular classroom instruction. Our students are part of the 1:1 initiative for providing laptop computers to children in our fourth, fifth, and sixth grades. This opportunity helps bridge the technology gap experienced by many of our students.

Liberty is a life-long learning center for students, parents, and others in our community. We offer English as a Second Language classes and other learning opportunities for Adults. Adults and children come and learn under one roof. This is only one example of the focus we have on providing service for our families and community. Our families learning English are encouraged to attend day or evening classes. This opportunity creates a foundation for many of our children whose first language is not English. Other community services include One World Health and Dental access brought to our campus.

Liberty is a friendly place .... come and visit us anytime.

Ilka Oberst
Liberty Elementary
Omaha Public Schools
2021 St. Mary's Avenue
Omaha, NE 68102
Phone: (531) 299-1740
FAX: (531) 299-1759