Fifth Grade

Welcome to Room 301

In 5th grade we have started Ballroom Dancing

In Reading we are focusing on Character Motivation

In Math we are practicing Order of Operations

In Science we are starting ecosystems








5th Grade Room 301..


Class Schedule


                             8:35-8:50               Breakfast/Greenbook       
                                8:50-9:10   Morning Meeting
                                9:10-9:50   Science/Social Studies
                                9:55-10:45   Specials
                               10:45-12:30   Reading
                               12:30-1:00   Lunch/Recess
                               1:00-2:30   Math
                                2:30-2:45   Extra Recess
                                2:45-3:50   Writing
                             3:50-4:05   Closing


My contact information is:

Phone:  402-898-1697 (room 301)